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20 Weird Inventions That Actually Exist

#20 is actually brilliant.

If you think you’ve seen the most extraordinary things in life, think again. Creative people invent things every day, and a lot of these inventions are pretty weird.

Since it’s impossible to travel around the world to take a glimpse of these surprising things, you still have the internet to turn to. Here are 20 inventions that are so bizarre, we can’t believe they actually exist.

1. The scarf that ruins paparazzi photos.
2. A tissue that will make you sick because it carries an infected human sneeze.
3. These adhesive soles will let you go barefoot anywhere.
4. This powder turns dirty and dangerous water, into water people can drink.
5. This store sells books that cannot be judged by their covers.

Have you ever looked at a product and wondered what the heck were they thinking? Well, sometimes these ideas are trying to solve problems or be unique. While we commend the effort, some of these items are just mind-boggling.

6. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has a graveyard where discontinued flavors are “buried.”
7. The flavor guide on this package is so useful.
8. Here’s a perfect way to open doors in public places.
9. This phone attachment will help you take the ideal selfie with your dog.
10. You can buy a hands-free Oreo dispenser for five euro!

In a world of rompers and selfie sticks, we’ve all seen crazy commercials and incredible gag gifts. But while some of these items on the list look like gag gifts, they’re actually real products being sold in the market.

11. How do you know when to stop?
12. You can clean the floor under the couch with this remote controlled mop.

13. Here’s a screen that can make the roads safer.

14. You can grow a plant out of this pencil.
15, Here is a “poo bus” that’s powered by human and household waste.

Some inventions are created to make our life easier. But the border between brilliance and craziness is really thin, and that’s why certain good intentions can look pretty bizarre.

16. Oh good, the taste of cats and Mark Zuckerberg.
17. This cap will remind you when the pill bottle was last opened.
18. This movie theater has screens in the bathrooms, so you don’t miss anything.
19. You can only read this book if it’s on fire.

20. These are T-shirts that boost your motivation.

As you can see, some of the items here are pretty cool; you might even want to get one after reading this. But what made them bizarre is the fact that they are definitely outside the norm. However, some of the weird innovations out there could actually prove to be useful with time, even if in the beginning they sound plain ridiculous.


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