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20 Random Photos Turned Into Hilarious Memes

#13 is too funny!






Memes have become a part of our social media lives. Some are controversial, others are relatable, but most of them are just downright funny.

The web is littered with tons of great memes bouncing around the corners of Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Here are 20 random photos from the web that have been turned into hysterical memes.

1. When you are this close to having a mental breakdown.

2. Just one more snack.
3. This would be every nurse’s dream.

4. When the teacher asks who is presenting next.

5. Money? Saved. Memories? Gone.

6. When you don’t know what to wear for the day.

7. When your dog goes to the gym more than you.

8. Performs 12-hour, life-saving surgery. Patient thanks God.

9. Me in the morning vs. me waiting for my husband after dinnertime.

10. When the pizza man is late for one second.

11. First-time mom vs. more kids
12. Looks the same to me.

13. When your mustache changes lips.

14. Me calling my husband to confirm that the kids are finally sleeping.

15. When people say you should only drink one cup of coffee. Me: okay, I can live with that.
16. This is definitely a nurse’s garden.

17. Balenciaga’s $8000 was clearly inspired by Joey’s layered outfit in “Friends.”

18. When you try to make peace, but she’s still not over the fight.

19. Jason Momoa makes his bodyguards look like personal lawyers.

20. This Uber driver is desperate for a 5-star rating.

If it weren’t for memes, Facebook would be pretty boring. Instagram will be stuck with food photos. And you will hear crickets when you logged in your Twitter account.

You see, memes make these social media platforms worth checking out. Of course, we still enjoy seeing those filtered selfies and throwbacks photos, but memes are just giving your timeline an extra “oomph.”

In short, the internet would be a joyless void of constant news alerts, questionably reliable research, and self-centered social media posts from your contacts. Thankfully, memes were created to make our news feeds a little more worth checking out.

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