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20 of the Most Unbelievable and Perilous Journeys Students Endure to Reach School





School—a word dreaded by some, and only fantasized by others. While some kids cut class or pretend to go to school for the sake of their allowances, millions of boys and girls around the world wish for nothing more than to sit on that empty chair and listen to their teachers.

In developing countries, not all children can finish elementary because most parents lack the financial capability to get them educated.

However, there are parents who go to great lengths to provide their children with a good education. And their kids—knowing that learning how to read and write is not a luxury for them— are willing to make tremendous sacrifices as well. These boys and girls are aware that a major part of their ticket out of poverty lies in the knowledge and skills they can obtain within the four corners of an educational institution.

Therefore, despite living in poverty-stricken or highly remote areas, and literally going through hell and high waters, these students are determined to learn and eventually graduate.

Take a look at 20 of the most unbelievable and perilous journeys students endure to reach school.

#20. Cilangkap Village, Indonesia


Children have to stand in this makeshift bamboo raft to cross the Ciherang River.

#19. Delhi, India


Photo credit: Reuters

More than a dozen children have to ride this horse cart to spare them from the long walk back to their homes.

#18. Kerala, India


Photo credit: Santosh Sugumar

In Kerala, India, these students have to travel by boat.

#17. Sri Lanka


Photo credit: Reuters/Vivek Prakash

These girls need to walk across a beam on the wall of the 16th century Galle Fort in Sri Lanka.

#16. Myanmar


Photo credit: Andrey

Some children don’t have the luxury of a car or a school bus. They only ride a bull to get themselves to school.

#15. Riau, Indonesia


Photo credit: Nico Fredia

These lads use a canoe. They don’t even have an adult to supervise them on their journey.

#14. Zanskar, Indian Himalayas


Photo credit: Timothy Allen

Children have to trek and brave the fierce, icy weather of the Himalayas to reach a boarding school.

#13. India


Photo credit: The Atlantic

Crossing this tree root bridge is the only route these pupils have to take to get to the nearest school.

#12. Beldanga, India


Photo credit: Dilwar Mandal

Although it doesn’t look conducive for the kids, at least, these students can rely on a TukTuk (Auto Rickshaw) to bring them to school.

#11. Sichuan Province, China


Imagine your child crossing this broken bridge in bad weather.

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