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20 Holiday-Themed Hairstyles You Can Rock This Christmas





The Christmas season is always the busiest – and it’s also the merriest! Besides, this is a time for office, school, and family Christmas parties.

In case you are wondering about how you can arrive in style at these gatherings, then pat yourself in the back. Our list below will show you 20 different holiday-themed hairstyles you can rock this Christmas.

Without a doubt, these will add some fab vibe to your look so go scroll down now.

#1.Christmas Tree Braid

Source: instagram

Use some green ribbon and you’d be ready to go.

#2. Christmas Tree Braid

This pull through braid absolutely looks simple yet glamorous at the same time.

#3. Christmas Wreath Braid

If you have the time, this can be a good pick.

#4. Rudoph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Bun

You’ll surely be guiding Santa’s sleigh tonight!

#5. Snowflake Braid

Source: youtube

Simple but elegant.

#6. Christmas Hairstyle

Looks really classy!

#7. Reindeer Wreath

Source: etsy

It looks like something straight from a fantasy movie.

#8. Christmas Ribbons Braid

Source: youtube

I’m diggin’ the use of red and green.

#9. Another Christmas Tree Braid

Source: hairbylori

This is nice if you’re going for a more subtle Christmas look.

#10. Glitter Roots Buns

Source: instagram

Stars and glitters all around, baby!

#11. Christmas Tree Braid With Lights

Source: instagram

Complete your tree braid with some good-old Christmas lights.

#12. Christmas Wreath Curls

Now that’s really stylish!

#13. Christmas Tree Braid

Source: instagram

Lovin' that silver star.

#14. Christmas Hairstyle

Source: instagram

Another elegant alternative.

#15. Christmas Tree Braid

Gotta say that star is a nice touch.

#16. Antler Braids

Source: instagram

The cute ribbon seals the deal.

#17. Glitter Ponytail

Source: instagram

The classic ponytail but with a holiday twist!

#18. Snowflake Hair Tattoo

Source: instagram

Not a literal tattoo but still pretty cool.

#19. Santa Hat Braid

Have a happy ho-ho-holiday, girl!

#20.Candy Cane Braid

Source: instagram

This has to be one of my faves.

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