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20 Adorable Babies Celebrating Their First Christmas Ever





What’s more adorable than newborn babies? Well those ones clad in holiday-themed costumes, of course! This photo collection of babies celebrating their first Christmas ever will surely make you smile from ear to ear.

The magical season of Christmas is truly for children and you’ll definitely appreciate that even more as you check out the following pictures below. These newborns are absolutely the cutest!

#1. So sweet!

Source: instagram
#2. The lone penguin.

Source: etsy
#3. The red-nosed baby!

#4. Blissfully asleep, waiting for Christmas.

#5. Candy cane costume.

#6. Waiting for Santa.

#7. Did this kid just see Santa Claus in person?

#8. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

#9. What an adorable snowman!

#10. Santa Baby.

Source: mymojophoto
#11. Lovin' the concept of this one. So cute!

#12. Another kid waiting for Santa.

#13. Twin Christmas, anyone?

#14. Cute reindeer.

Source: aliexpress
#15. The Christmas lights in the blanket is a nice touch.

#16. Lovin’ all the flowers in the background.

#17. Baby Wreath.

#18. Another reindeer.

Source: etsy
#19. The cutest Christmas tree ever!

Source: etsy
#20. Sleeping at Christmas eve…

Well we also gotta say “good job” to all those who made these photo shoots happen. Baby photography is never easy and they successfully pulled it off.

Also, have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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