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15 Times Parents Mistakenly Used Smiling Emoji On Their Messages

Parents and modern technology never go hand in hand.


As we all know, our parents’ age and modern devices never go hand in hand. Their ignorance of the modern gadgets does not fail to give us constant source of hilarity. Take smartphones for example. These little instant expressions called emojis have became a part of the texting culture for all of us young people over the past few years. However, for some reasons, our parents are failing to pinpoint the emotions these little expressions convey from time to time.

This is not meant in any bad taste, but their obliviousness and constant struggle to keep up with the ever evolving technology is very entertaining to watch. Like this list for example – it contains a few examples of our parents mistakenly using smiling emoji on their messages.

1. Bingo’s dying. Let’s laugh it up!

2. Granma’s dying, mom! What’s so funny about it?

3. Screw sadness. Let’s celebrate the spirit of the legendary comedian by laughing off his death.

4. What the hell? Seizure isn’t funny!

5. Yeah, having a surgery is fun.

6. Cannoli almost died. Funny isn’t it?

7. The grandma thrives on her granddaughter’s suffering.

8. Hey mum, are you mocking me?

9. Even grandma loves ridiculing accident victims.

10. Mama bear find killer headache funny.

11. The lady Cori met from rock point died, and mom finds it hilarious.

12. Mrs. Comerford’s death is hilarious.

Source: Twitter
13. Scotty’s dog had to be put down. What a funny story!

14. Yeah you should’ve known!

15. Don’t trust her, that’s clearly a Joker cry.

Yeah, we laugh. But as we all know, we’d also grow old soon enough and well soon become like them – old and unable to keep up with the time. So, let’s make a toast and have fun being young as much as we can.


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