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15 Small Towns With Big Millionaires





When you think of millionaires’ neighborhoods, you might picture Manhattan’s Park Avenue, San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, or Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive. But it turns out some millionaires are not a fan of living in big cities with bright lights and would prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of major metropolises.

Even though many in the public eye live in big cities, many, too, prefer small-town life. Here are 15 low-key towns with the most millionaires.

15. Truckee-Grass Valley, California

Source: fa-mag

Total Households: 42,612
Millionaire Households: 3,007

14. Dickinson, North Dakota

Source: tripadvisor

Total Households: 14,349
Millionaire Households: 1,034

13. Fredericksburg, Texas

Source: wikipedia

Total Households: 11,244
Millionaire Households: 837

12. Kapaa, Hawaii

Source: wikipedia

Total Households: 25,479
Millionaire Households: 1,846

11. Easton, Maryland

Source: wikipedia

Total Households: 16,006
Millionaire Households: 1,190

10. Jackson, Wyoming:Idaho

Source: travellogs

Total Households: 13,947
Millionaire Households: 1,026

9. Oak Harbor, Washington

Total Households: 34,910
Millionaire Households: 2,614

8. Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

Source: hotelplanner

Total Households: 7,911
Millionaire Households: 615

7. Gillette, Wyoming

Total Households: 18,931
Millionaire Households: 1,580

6. Edwards, Colorado

Total Households: 19,685
Millionaire Households: 1,520

5. Torrington, Connecticut

Source: Flickr

Total Households: 74,258
Millionaire Households: 6,148

4. Williston, North Dakota

Source: Flickr

Total Households: 14,913
Millionaire Households: 1,166

3. Juneau, Alaska

Source: traveljuneau

Total Households: 13,145
Millionaire Households: 1,192

2. Summit Park, Utah

Source: mapio

Total Households: 14,685
Millionaire Households: 1,462

1. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Source: lansllc

The top slot goes to Los Alamos, New Mexico. It has more millionaires per capita than any municipality, big or small, in the nation, and it has held that spot for more than a decade.

Total Households: 7,719
Millionaire Households: 898

This is a perfect example to never underestimate small towns. Just because the locals are not in Tinseltown, doesn’t mean that people living in these places are not as lucky.

If you really think about it, living in a small town has a lot of advantages than living in more popular places. It is quieter, more livable, and probably a lot safer because your neighbors are as rich as you, if not richer.

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