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15 Genius Kitchen Hacks That Will Help You Save A Lot Of Time And Money





Buying groceries for the whole week at once can save you a lot of time, but is it really economical? Tomatoes, vegetables, and other fresh goods easily rot when not consumed immediately.

Instead of saving, these will just go to waste – wasted food, wasted money. And so, to save a lot of money, we are going to enlist kitchen hacks that will help you store your fresh goods longer and fresher.

1. Know which food will rot in the refrigerator quickly.


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The likes of tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers easily rot in the refrigerator. So, you should only store these goods at room temperature to make it last longer.

2. Put a paper towel inside your storage.


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Moisture makes food easily decompose. But by putting paper towel inside your storage, it could help to absorb the moisture to prolong the food’s life.

3. Never wash fresh goodies until you will consume it.


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Washing fruits and vegetables before using it can aid to make it rot faster while being in stored. This is because its natural oils and waxes have been stripped off making it less fresher.

4. Store peeled vegetables inside a jar.


Baby carrots and stalks of celery can be stored in a jar full of water to make its life-span long lasting.

5. Wrap the bananas’ stem


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Through banana’s stem, gases emerge that make the fruit ripe quickly. To slow the process, you should wrap the banana’s stem with a cling wrap for longevity.

6. Use refrigerator’s drawer as a storage of fruits and vegetables


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The drawer inside the bottom part of a refrigerator is there for a reason. Putting your fresh goodies in the center of your ref can make it rot sooner because of the cold temperature, but if you place it inside the draw there’s a big chance that it will last longer.

7. Separate fruits with ethylene with other goodies.


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Bananas, plums, pears, apricots, and mangoes produce ethylene as it ripens. So, avoid to place it near other fruits, like apples, watermelons, and other vegetables, such as eggplants, carrots, and broccoli so they won’t get contaminated.

8. Never store potatoes with onions


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Potatoes and onions have a love-and-hate relationship. Keep your onions away from the potatoes as it will grow sprouts quickly when it is together.

9. Onions and garlic love to stay in the dark.


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Shelf life of onions and garlic will be extended when they are placed in dark areas.

10. If potatoes hate onions, it loves apples.


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Apples and potatoes go along together. In fact, the life span of potatoes can last longer if it is stored with apples.

11. Asparagus are like flowers, it loves water.


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To keep the life of asparagus longer, store it like a flower resting in a vase full of water.

12. Let your fruits breathe.


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Store your fruits in an open container where air can freely flow through it to keep it fresh.

13. Store your celery stalks with tinfoil.


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Celery stalks often come with plastic, but to make it last longer, wrapped it with tinfoil instead.

14. Make sure to store your tomatoes with its stalk up


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Tomatoes decay quickly at the area where its stalk was once attached and by keeping it that particular area up, its shelf life can be longer.

15. If you’re only eating half of the avocado, store the other half with pit.


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Put the half of the avocado with its still intact pit inside the refrigerator to make it not decompose easily.

Try these kitchen hacks and make your food last longer that will not only save you your time, but your money as well.

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