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Filipina Opt To Live a Simple Life in this Incredible 140-Square-Foot Tiny House

When you live in a tiny house, you gain flexibility yet still be grounded. Touching story of a woman, who is highly contended with her cozy house.


All of us have our dream houses. Usually, when people are asked about the house they want to live in forever, many would say they would like it big, luxurious and filled with all types of amenities such as a swimming pool, a home theater or a grand staircase.

But as they say, to each his own. Not every one link success to a big house. In fact, some are well satisfied with a sturdy, clean and functional home, as long as they are with their loved ones or are close to nature. Such is the case of the woman below.

Vina Lustado grew up in the Philippines together with her 8 siblings. She was raised in a family whose lifestyle is very modest. Even when she came to the US, she still opt to continue living the simple life. So for her house, she decided to build a quaint, movable house that measures about 140 square feet. Her kitchen, living room, home office space and comfy loft are enough to make her feel contented. When someone suggested for her to join “Houzz,” she did and the responses just kept on pouring. Aside from the presentation of her house, the video below is touching and humbling as Vina made us realize that a simple life is a good life.

Watch the video here:

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“The tiny house allows you to have that flexibility and still be grounded.”

We salute this woman for being contented and happy by owning one of the littlest houses we’ve seen.

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Credits: HouzzTV



“Uganda’s Ugliest Man” Found His True Love… Truly, Beauty is Only Skin Deep!

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Asking kids for their wishes is a largely predictable scenario. We get answers like Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels or the latest video games. They are like that as they only know pleasure and are not yet exposed to the harsh realities of life to ever think about serious wishes, but not Dominic Kerr.

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From Rags to Riches: The Success Story of John Gokongwei

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Meet one of Philippines’ top billionaires, John Gokongwei, a man who used to belong to the marginalized sector, his ultimate climb to the top has proven once again that nothing is impossible if you have dreams and determination.

I was born to a rich Chinese-Filipino family. I spent my childhood in Cebu where my father owned a chain of movie houses, including the first air-conditioned one outside Manila. I was the eldest of six children and lived in a big house in Cebu ‘s ForbesPark. A chauffeur drove me to school every day as I went to San Carlos University, then and still one of the country’s top schools. I topped my classes and had many friends. I would bring them to watch movies for free at my father’s movie houses.

When I was 13, my father died suddenly of complications due to typhoid. Everything I enjoyed vanished instantly. My father’s empire was built on credit. When he died, we lost everything - our big house, our cars, our business - to the banks. I felt angry at the world for taking away my father, and for taking away all that I enjoyed before. When the free movies disappeared, I also lost half my friends.

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