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12-Year-Old Makeup Artist Buys Herself A BMW As Birthday Present

She made a record as the youngest makeup artist to find work at the London Fashion Week in 2018.


Do you remember the first time you got yourself a car? It couldn’t have been when you were 12, right? Well, here comes a girl from Thailand who’s going to be turning 12 this year and decided to get herself a BMW sedan as a birthday gift.

While many of us are still struggling to make ends meet, 12-year-old Natthanan already made more money than most adults. The Thai girl may not have reached her teenage years yet, but her bank account has definitely allowed her to live large.

Natthanan is a social media make up artist who has garnered over 800,000 followers on Facebook and over 34,000 followers on Instagram. The little girl from Thailand became famous when she studied to be a professional makeup artist by the age of seven.

The pre-teen became so popular that the BBC featured her last year. As if she needed more hype, Natthanan was chosen as the makeup artists for London Fashion Week 2018, making her even more famous than she already was.

Natthanan also made a record as the youngest makeup artist to actually find work at the London Fashion Week in 2018. She was merely 11 years old at the time.

Now that she’s turning 12, Natthanan bought herself a brand new BMW for her birthday.

In her Facebook post, she wrote:

“Happy birthday to me. I will be 12 years old this year. I am very grateful for everything I have so far, and I’m thankful to my fans for supporting me. Thanks for all the well wishes. I wish everyone the same as well!”

Many were amazed by Natthanan as they admitted that they couldn’t afford a luxury car even though they’re already in their twenties now. Some also made jokes by sharing about their lives when they were 12, playing with dolls and marbles at the time. A few, however, congratulated the little girl and praised her for following her passion.


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