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10 Worst Examples Of Friendzones You Would Not Want To Wish To Your Worst Enemies.





You know what’s worse than getting rejected by a beautiful girl? Getting friendzoned! At least, when you get rejected, you get a closure. Getting friendzoned is a completely different story. First and foremost, getting friendzoned sucks. It’s like, for the most part, the advanced form of blue balls.

For the uninitiated, “friendzone” is a situation where a dude is interested in a girl romantically. Unfortunately, she sees him nothing more than a friend, or in worst cases, a brother. Imagine that pretty girl at your favorite coffee shop calling you “bro.” Yeah, it sucks.

Below is a list of the worst cases of friendzone we’ve ever seen. Feast your eyes on these soul-crushing moments that would go down to the annals of history of the internet. Let’s hope to god that we don’t join their ranks, eh?

1. Yeah, should’ve taken the word “bro” as a bad sign in the first place, bro.

2. Don’t hold your breath, man. You’re clearly in the friendzone.

3. Hate to break it to you, Jordan. But she clearly thinks you’re gay.

4. There’s clearly some voodoo type of crap going on here.

5. What’s with these desperate guys anyway?

6. That, my friend, is the pure, unadulterated look of a crushing defeat. Friend zone does that to people.

7. He is clearly saying “Please get me out of this terrible Friend zone!” in Morse code.

8. Look at the poor sod. Robert Lee is right. This is friendzone level 9000!

9. If this is not the most crushing thing I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is.

10. Ah, nothing seals the deal better than a “friends 4 life” tattoo with the girl you like.

As we can see from some of these examples, the similarity is stark clear – most of them look so unattractively desperate. No wonder why these girls didn’t even consider dating them in the first place.

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