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10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

These are the traits that happy, healthy relationships usually have.

In Katherine Heigl’s 2015 comedy/drama film Jenny’s Wedding, her sister, Anne (played by Grace Gummer) started noticing the dead grass on her lawn. Anne was constantly asking her husband to water them, but he never did. She was exhausted; she did everything around the house, and her husband didn’t seem to care about her or their children. Then one day, as she was staring at the dead patch of grass, she realized something. “Happy people don’t have dead grass!” Anne said. She had an awakening. She realized her marriage was over.

I’m pretty sure that an ideal relationship is more than just not having dead grass in your yard or never arguing with your partner. After all, a relationship isn’t all moonlight and roses. Even happy couples occasionally fight; they have misunderstandings. And they do things that drive each other crazy sometimes.

But how can you tell if you’re still a happy, healthy relationship?

Here are ten things that happy couples do differently than unhealthy couples:

1. Lounge


Source: chobirdokan

You still both want to hang out and spend time together. Even if it meant just staying at home, watching a movie, or doing nothing at all.

2. Listen


Source: limitless

Listening means actively trying to understand what the other is saying—verbally and non-verbally. Happy couples do that—they listen to one another.

3. Laugh


Source: girlterest

Laughter is a great sign of a healthy relationship. Laughter can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and it makes life fun.

4. Learn


Source: brobible

Happy couples usually love continuous learning, and it’s a trait that makes them both appear more interesting and attractive. In a relationship, however, the best lessons you’ll ever learn are the insights you’ll discover about your significant other.

5. Like


Couples who are happy not only love one another—they really like each other as well. And they focus on these positive traits instead of picking out their partner’s flaws.

6. Lend


Happy couples share duties and responsibilities, and they do so willingly. They rarely need to ask the other for help.

7. Look


They lovingly look at each other, and they constantly try to discover new things about their loved ones.

8. Lunch



Happy couples love to eat meals together, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They know that this is the best time slow down, communicate, and just bond with their partners.

9. Launch


Source: limitless

Happy couples support each other’s dreams and ambitions. They propel each other towards success.

10. Last

Young couple in love outdoor.

A happy, healthy relationship lasts, of course.

So, do you and your partner share a healthy relationship? What would you add to the list? Sound off in the comments below.


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