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10 Text Messages That Prove She’s A Wife Material





In the world of high-tech gadgets and social media, reaching out to someone has never been easy. You can now know the person’s true character by the way they message you.

When texting is a part of the relationship already, why not go ahead and use it to your benefit? While what constitutes a woman being wife material will vary slightly from man to man, here are some text messages she writes that prove that she could be the one.

1. The Message: “This Thing Made Me Think Of You”

This line might be simple, but it shows that she’s thinking about you. It could be a song on the radio or a meme that popped on her feed, you’re immediately the first person that she remembers.

2. The Message: “Do You Want Sushi Or Pizza Tonight?”

This forward yet not too pushy message shows that she includes you in her plans. This text message is genius because it uses something we all love, which is food, to get something we all want, which is more partner time.

3. The Message: Any Deep Question

Any deep questions that she has will turn the conversation more personal, which is sometimes needed in a relationship. It’s the deeper connection that will breed long-term compatibility. Dreams, passions, hopes, and fears are all conversation topics that we believe will strengthen your bond.

4. The Message: “Good Morning” And “Good Night”

A good morning starts everyone’s day off right, while a good night both closes out a conversation and lets them know they’re on your mind. These short text messages prove that you the first and last thing on her mind.

5. The Message: “My Cat Misses You So Much!”

We all want to tell our partner that we miss them and are thinking about them, but it’s never as impactful saying it outright as it is cutely delivering the message. So yes, saying “my cat misses you so much” actually means she misses you so much.

6. The Message: “My Friends And I Are Going Out Tonight; You Should Come!”

Although she’s certainly going to have a good time with her friends, she wants you to be a part of it. It might seem normal on the surface, but it’s actually a subconscious sign to tell you that she’s truly invested in you. The message also says that “I”m not afraid to show you off to my friends.”

7. The Message: “I Love The Way You (Insert Compliment Here)”

A compliment is a great way to spark a conversation. But you’ll know she’s really into you when she makes them personal and specific.

8. The Message: “I Wish You Were Eating This Pizza With Me”

This message is all about cute selfies and yummy crusts. The whole point is to send a little reminder about her and her own life, but she also wants you to know that she wants to spend time with you.

9. The Message: “Let’s Talk About This More In Person”

Miscommunication can be easily avoided by talking face to face. No matter how amazing our texting skills are, they won’t get us to where we want to be with our partner if we don’t bring things into real life every now and then.

10. The Message: “I’m Grabbing Snacks, Want Anything?”

She knows that you love it when she shows up with snacks, so watching you smile from ear to ear with joy over the food she brought fills her heart with glee.

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