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10 Things Really Happy People Do That’s Why They’re Happy





You see them around you, and it makes you wonder, ticks you even at times because you’re left baffled as to how they do it in the kind of world we live in. We’re talking about the shiny happy people. The kind that we would like to be but have a hard time being because, well, life happens. So how do they keep being happy? Here’s the gist:

# 1 They care less about what other people think of them.


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Not because they’re jerks, but simply because opinions of others don’t matter to them as long as they’re happy and are sure they’re not doing anything wrong. Approval or acceptance is not something they bother to aspire for.

#2 They do things because they want to.


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#2 They do things because they want toOthers tend to do stuff because they think they have or obliged to, but happy people just gets the job done because it makes them happy.

#3 They don't rely on friends to have fun.


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A really happy individual will not have his or her happiness come from friends, just like they won’t expect their significant others to be their source of happy vibes. When you don’t rely on others, life is way much better and and less stressful.

#4 They don’t have a job. Well, sort of.


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If you truly want to be happy, stick to the now and worry less about the future. Ask any happy person what they do for a living and they’ll regale you with stories of what’s keeping them preoccupied outside of work and not what happens during work.

#5 Believe and have faith. Stick to your beliefs and stand up for them.

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They have their own beliefs, stick to them and live their lives the way they always have.

#6 They don't fear dying.


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When you know you’re not going to live forever, you do everything with so much passion there’s no room for regret. You learn to take things in stride, love unconditionally and be the best person you can be for yourself and others.

#7 They live in the moment.


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They thrive on experiences that make them better as a person as a whole and don’t allow themselves to settle.

#8 They have power over the world as they see it.


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They see the world as they perceive it to be and make full use of what they have. They know the difference between what is real and not and focuses on the things that make them better.

#9 They haves, hopes and dreams and believe these will happen.


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Happy people dream, hope and aspire for something more wonderful. The only difference between you and a happy person is they don’t let their aspirations, goals and dreams get the better of them.

#10 They're happy with the people around them.


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They’re happy with the people they are with and don’t even bother changing them to suit their liking. Because trying to change someone is an absolute waste of time, effort and energy. Being happy for others no matter who they may be in turn makes you happier as an individual.

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