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10 Popular Websites Imagined As Video Game Characters

#6 is creepily accurate.






There are a lot of social media apps out there that answers some of our curiosity like what you would look like as a different gender, a baby, a dog, etc. Following the popular formula of reimagining something well known, Algerian artist Brahim Bensehoul, who is also a video game fan, created something unique, yet familiar at the same time.

He took this concept and made it a reality, by bringing some of the biggest and most well-known websites to life through video game characters. Here’s what 10 of the most popular websites would look like as video game characters.

1. Reddit
2. Instagram

Brahim is a 28-year-old freelance concept artist, and he is currently doing his bachelor in art, a degree which is needed for him to get a visa to work in a video game studio.

He said:

“At first I saw @sillvi_illustrations on IG doing a few car brands as characters, so I got my idea. I wanted to make each character unique and different, but when I started on Twitter I realized that I can put a horror/creepy touch to the art to convey some messages about these websites.”

3. Amazon
4. Google

Brahim added that he might do a part two in the future because his concept got a lot of positive reactions. However, he is a busy man and shared that he will be focusing on his paid work and upcoming exams.

5. Pinterest
6. YouTube

He shared that he has an idea for his next project, but it’s still on the very beginning of the process that he is not ready to share a lot of details about it yet.

7. Facebook
8. Twitter

Brahim shared:

“I only know four Algerian digital artists, through Facebook since they live in different parts of Algeria. But I think the digital art community is slowly getting bigger because of a new generation of kids that were introduced to the internet and video games early.”

9. Wikipedia
10. Duolingo

Many may wonder if there are hidden meanings in Brahim’s interpretation, but the artist said that he prefers “to leave it to the viewer to find the details and the story behind them.”

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