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10 Differences Between New and Old Relationships





Falling in love is definitely something that everybody long for. Unfortunately, not all love stories end up in happy endings. Relationships change dramatically over time. New relationships are fun, exciting, and easy, while old relationships require deeper qualities.

There is something that happens when you fall in love. You started off by trying to be the “perfect” partner to your lover until you eventually let your guard down and show the real, genuine you.

1. Texting

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New relationship: You go crazy when he or she replies to your message. A cute emoji is the icing on the cake.

Old relationship: Messages are much more important than just asking how each other’s day went, like who will pass by the grocery store to buy some eggs and milk.

2. Getting Ready

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New relationship: The preparation takes a lot of your time and effort. From shaving to moisturizing, to trying out all of your best clothes.

Old relationship: You’ve seen each other at their worst before, so there’s no pressure to waste all that time making yourself look presentable. If your dirty shirt smells okay and stain-free, then it’s the perfect option.

3. Going on a date

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New relationship: Dinner dates can be awkward. Eating in front of someone when you’re nervous is particularly nerve-wracking, so you slice a small piece of your food and chew it as long as you can while trying to look cute.

Old relationship: The more you spend time with someone, the more comfortable you’ll get about stuffing your face.

4. Sleeping in the same bed

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New relationship: Sleeping next to your loved one is great. In fact, cuddling is the best part of your relationship.

Old relationship: You break out your unsightly sleeping styles because that’s the best position you can sleep in. Clearly, laying next to another human being for hours at a time have its own discomforts.

5. Waking up

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New relationship: You wake up early, wash your face, brush your teeth, crawl back in bed and pretend that your morning face and breath are #goals.

Old relationship: Taking up most of the bed space and drooling over your lover’s pillow has become a regular morning routine.

6. Watching Netflix

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New relationship: Perfect time for a cuddle, cuddle, and more cuddle!

Old relationship: Trying to stay as far away from each other as possible to avoid eye contact and conversation so you could focus on your favorite series.

7. Pooping

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New relationship: You wait until you get home to finally release as you please.

Old relationship: You poop comfortably while your partner is using the shower. No big deal.

8. Sharing personal stories

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New relationship: You listen attentively because you genuinely want to know more about him or her.

Old relationship: You try to stop yourself from rolling your eyes because you’ve already heard the story a million times before.

9. Fighting

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New relationship: You cry your heart out because you just hate to fight with your significant other. You eventually patch things up because you would do anything to make everything okay.

Old relationship: You’re too tired to recall why you’re both yelling at each other in the first place.

10. Intimacy

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New relationship: Candles, rose petals, sweet music, sexy lingerie.

Old relationship: You + him/her + bed = sex

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