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China Dumps Chemicals to Kill Fish Around Disputed Island to Drive Away Fishermen

Hundreds to thousands of dead fish have been washed ashore.

Pag-asa Island, an island in the West Philippine Sea occupied by Filipinos, and the marine species around it are reportedly being destroyed and Chinese vessels are the culprit. These vessels are reportedly dumping chemicals in the area intentionally.

According to a Facebook page called Kalayaan ATIN ITO, China is aiming to cripple economic activities ultimately pushing away civilians and “isolate the islands.” The page added that once these civilians will leave the island, the Chinese will reportedly take control of the area and establish a military base.

The ecosystem and surrounding coral reefs on Pag-asa Island have been destroyed and civilian Filipinos and their source of livelihood have been significantly affected.

An aerial view of Pag-asa Island.

An aerial view of Pag-asa Island.

A video (shown below) has recently been uploaded showing the hundreds of dead fish washed ashore.

Pag-Asa Island, also called Thitu Island, is one of the Spratly Islands and part of Kalayaan municipality of Palawan, Philippines, but countries like Taiwan, China and Vietnam are claiming the area. The island has been occupied by Philippines since 1970.

Reported fish kill around Pag-asa Island.


Pag-asa is also the only island among Spratly Islands that is home to civilian Filipinos.

Only this island among all Philippine-occupied Spratly islands is currently inhabited by civilian Filipinos who depend much on fishing.

The post has sparked mixed reactions from netizens, with most of them condemning the Chinese for their acts.

It remains to be seen what the Philippine government will do about it. Philippines and China have been in an ongoing territorial feud involving the Spratly Islands.

But it appears that Philippines is not the only country that is having territorial disputes with China. Reports stated that China also has territorial feuds between other countries such as Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan.

Check out the fish kill around the island in the video below.

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H/T: Tankler, Kalayaan ATIN ITO


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