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New Survey Reveals Only 66% of American Young Adults Believe The Earth Is Round

So more youngsters now believe that the planet is flat?

You know what’s most d********* thing about Flat Earthers? To put it bluntly, it’s not merely their ridiculous belief that our planet isn’t round but the fact that their believers seem to be increasing in numbers.

Sure, we do not think it’s going to very widely-accepted anytime soon. It is still, however, a bit alarming to think that there are more of them now than ever before.

In a survey conducted by YouGov, we learn that a considerable percentage of Americans do not believe the Earth is round.

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According to the research company, they surveyed 8,215 adults in the United States – which is considered representative to the countries population – and they found out that only 84% have “always believed the world is round.”

Digging further on the details, the number drops several notches down when 18 to 24 year-old young adults were surveyed since only 66% of them accepted the scientific fact.

Meanwhile, individuals with ages 55 years old and older had a high percentage of 94%.

Round or flat?

Source: YouGov

Looking at the chart above, we can see that 5% of US adults “have always thought the world was round” but have recently become more “skeptical”. The number goes higher by 9% among Americans 18 to 24 years of age.

Comparatively, 2% of all the people surveyed have “always believed the world is flat” while those in the 18 to 24 bracket have 4%. 7% of those surveyed went with “other/not sure” and the figure increases to 16% among young adults.

Other interesting insights from YouGov’s survey:

Source: YouGov

According to YouGov:

“For some Flat Earthers, evidence of the earth’s shape may be found in scripture – more than half of Flat Earthers (52%) consider themselves ‘very religious,’ compared to just a fifth of all Americans (20%).

“While an overwhelming majority of Americans (84%) believe that the Earth is round, at least 5% of the public say they used to believe that but now have their doubts.”

The company also mentioned that 89% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats, and 88% of independents believe the world isn’t flat.

Also, 89% of people earning $88,000 annually believe the planet is round while only 79% of those making under $40,000 accepted that.


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