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Woman Honks and Screams at Him For Stopping on a Yellow Light. Moments After? Priceless!





Actions speak louder than words. More than hearing words of kindness and good deeds from a person’s mouth, it is how he/ she acts that matters the most. Integrity, as they say, is doing good things even if no one is watching. Sadly, not all people are able to practice this value and employ this practice in daily living. We may go to church every day, endow our house with photos of saints and speak as if we are the most righteous person on the planet, but if our actions do not reflect how we present our image, then people would easily recognize who the hypocrites are.

In this story we found, we are reminded to watch our actions and be mindful of how we live our beliefs. We are not against or in favor of any religion or faith, but we think this story conveys a general message of correct interaction amongst our peers and even strangers, in the midst of public frustration.

Here is the short story:


Photo credit: Geekfill

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