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World’s Most Tattooed Doctor Says She’s Been Kicked Out Of Restaurants For Her Ink





You simply cannot judge a book by its cover. A heavily tattooed woman recently revealed that she has been kicked out of restaurants because of her ink. Little did the management know that the woman is actually a doctor.

Dr. Sarah Gray of Adelaide in Australia calls herself the world’s most tattooed doctor and it’s certainly a fitting title. Unfortunately, Dr. Gray has been subject to discrimination simply because of her several tattoos. In addition to being asked to leave a restaurant, she was completely ignored by shop assistants at a designer store.

She might be covered in tattoos but this woman is a gifted doctor.

Dr. Gray shared how she and her partner, who is a tattoo artist, were kicked out of a restaurant

“I was out for lunch in a restaurant with my partner on the Gold Coast when we were seated at a table. After being seated for lunch, management then came up to us and asked us to leave as they had a ‘no visible tattoo policy’ for diners. That was a little disappointing, to say the least.”

Her tattooed appearance also led to some retail workers ignoring her as she visited a store to purchase designer shoes. “They all served other customers first and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me,” she said. “I waited politely for ages and eventually gave up and left. They did themselves out of a sale and I saved myself $1,000, so I guess that’s one bonus!”

Despite facing discrimination, Dr. Gray wants to promote body positivity.

Dr. Gray, who is also a former Miss Inked Australia and New Zealand, hopes to promote body positivity despite her own frustrating experience. The future orthopedic surgeon wants people to see tattooed individuals as actual human beings.

“We should all be able to love the skin we’re in, regardless of how we choose to decorate it. For those that don’t like tattoos, that’s entirely their prerogative, I just urge them to at least consider the artistic skill that goes into creating body art, before they judge someone harshly at face value for choosing to wear them.”