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Can You Find The 6 Words Hidden in This Picture?





Visual puzzles are fun and engaging but they are quite challenging as well. We can figure out some in a breeze but others can be brain teasing indeed, it will take you a while to get one right (or sometimes, not at all).

Meanwhile, a new game is making its way to our list of favorite visual puzzles. No panda or cat is involved this time around though. The challenge is to find the “6 words hidden in the picture.” Using optical illusion, an image is created to confuse our minds and eyes with this interesting piece.

Are you ready to try it? It’s absolutely fun!

The words are surely hidden somewhere, that we guarantee.


Recently, another visual puzzle called “Find The Panda” (Where’s Waldo?) broke the internet and instantly gained thousands of likes and shares few days after being posted on Facebook. Random versions of the said viral game even appeared on several social media sites like Twitter (and we are not the same again).

How do you find it so far? Piece of cake? Go and try another one.

Can you spot all the hidden words in this image?


Don’t give them all away just yet. Share this to your friends and let them solve and enjoy each puzzle too.

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