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Woman Celebrates 30th Birthday by Having “Funeral” for her Youth





Turning 30 is indeed a big milestone in life and so many people mark the occassion with a bang. One woman, however, decided to celebrate her 30th birthday in a very unique way.

Meet Mila Blatova. She recently hit the big 30 and she went viral because of her one-of-a-kind party. What did she do, you ask? Well she commemorated her birthday by holding a “funeral” for her youth!

Wearing all black from head to toe, complete with black lipstick and black balloons, Mila Blatova is mourning the death of her youth.

Source: UNILAD

In an interview with UNILAD, Mila shared how she came up with the idea for the photoshoot.

She said:

“My idea came from not wanting to leave my 20s and acknowledge that I’m now ‘old’. It was meant to be a funny way of accepting a new chapter in my life.”

Mila also mentioned that she was inspired by a particular Kris Jenner meme.

Mila explained:

“The extreme drama in my photo was me channeling Kris Jenner in a meme I saw of her.

“I was looking for a dark twist on being boujee and super dramatic on my birthday.”

Summer, Mila’s sister, took the photos and uploaded them on social media.

Source: UNILAD

She wrote:

“So I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday and she said “a funeral for my youth” well your wish is my command. HAPPY FUNERAL FOR YOUR YOUTH DAY!!!!

“Side note: I know I’m dramatic… but this b**ch takes the cake.”

This Kris Jenner meme that inspired Mila to do the crazy idea.

Asked about what she dreads most about turning 30, Mila quickly replied – turning 40!

As for what she will miss the most about her 20s, she said it has to be “just feeling young”.

All kidding aside, however, Mila is very optimistic about life and is excited about “new adventures, travelling, taking care of my two little boys, and whatever else my life brings me”.

Plus she’s determined to retain her sense of humor because “the older you get, the most frowned upon it is to be sarcastic and a little immature”.

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