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Chinese Woman Buries $15,000 Cash Underground, Realizes Its A Big Mistake!





“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” We’re all familiar with this popular phrase.

I, however, think I’ve taken that counsel to heart a bit seriously since I heard it as a youngster many years ago. By definition, it means not concentrating your resources into a single prospect so you can avoid losing everything. Honestly though, it had a different impact on me.

For example, I use several bank accounts. At home, I have a small piggy bank on top of the fridge as well as two wallets where I keep some money. When I travel, I make sure that I store my cash and cards on different pockets and purses. I don’t know about you but doing these simple things makes me feel safe.

This old Chinese woman from Muyang County, however, took all the risks when she buried a huge amount of money amounting to 100,000 yuan (that’s roughly $15,600 USD) under her kitchen. She sealed the cash in plastic wrap and kept it all in a metal box before burying it. Eventually, she needed the money for her son’s wedding and so she dug up her savings – and she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

After digging up the buried money, this Chinese woman realized she made a terrible mistake.

woman-buries-money-decompossed 1

Photo credit: NextShark

She was surprised to discover that the banknotes had all decomposed through the years. In fact, not a single banknote survived.

The woman’s son said:

“This is almost all of my parents’ life savings. They can’t accept what’s happened. So I want to go to banks and see if they have any solution.”

As anyone would expect, bank officials said there was nothing they can do about the destroyed money.

She thought burying her entire lifesavings underground would keep her money safe.

woman-buries-money-decompossed 2

Photo credit: NextShark

Before the advent of banking industry, many citizens in the country have practiced hiding money in their homes as a way of preventing theft. The practice continues to this day as some people are still distrustful about banking systems.

This story confirms that despite their flaws, banks are definitely the better, safer option these days.


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