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Woman Adopts Senior Dog, Realizes It’s Her Long-Lost Childhood Puppy





Some of us are just destined to be together. One woman recently discovered that an old friend can still return to her life. It happened in the most unexpected way when she decided to adopt a senior dog.

Nicole Renae was an only child who often felt lonely. However, things changed for the then 10-year-old girl when her grandmother gave her a little gray puppy. Renae named her new friend Chloe and the two were inseparable for four short years. Unfortunately, Chloe had to go away and Renae was worried she would never see her puppy again.

Renae and Chloe during happier times.

Source: The Dodo

According to Renae, her father got a job at home that required zero distractions. This meant that Chloe, who was described as a “yappy” dog, would be rehomed. Renae was devastated but grudgingly agreed to bring the puppy to the local Humane Society. However, Renae never forgot about Chloe.

As she grew, Renae tried to find Chloe but never had any luck. She soon became a young woman with a family of her own and a daughter who could use a friend as well. Renae considered getting a puppy but changed her mind when she saw a friend post about a senior dog looking for a home on Facebook.

“I saw the picture of the dog and thought, ‘That dog looks kind of familiar.’ Then I read the name — it was Chloe. The same spelling as my old dog. I thought that was such a coincidence.”

Renae with her family.

Source: The Dodo

Renae decided to adopt the dog and was surprised by the pooch’s striking similarity to her old friend.

“She just ran up to me and started licking my face. As the day went on, all these characteristics just reminded me of my old dog. She just kept hugging me. I was crying — it reminded me so much of my Chloe. I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I just knew in my heart that it was her.”

As it turned out, the senior dog really was Chloe. Renae’s family brought their new pet to the vet, who confirmed she had a microchip that matched Chloe’s old ID number. Renae had reunited with her beloved childhood friend.

Nothing could keep Renae and Chloe apart now.

Source: The Dodo

Chloe had a happy life after being surrendered to the Humane Society. The puppy was adopted by an older couple and lived with them until they passed away. Chloe’s second family was unable to keep the pooch, which led to Renae’s friend helping the dog find a home.

It’s a joyful reunion indeed. Luckily, Renae and Chloe still have plenty of time to reminisce and make new memories together.

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