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This Awesome Cardboard House Is Pretty Sturdy It Can Last Up To 100 Years

Although made of cardboard, this house is guaranteed to outlive its owners.


Never underestimate the Wikkelhouse – even if it’s merely made of cardboard. This small house is designed and developed by Fiction Factory, a “company of creative makers from Amsterdam,” the official website tells us. Since 1989, the company has been building “exceptional interiors, fair stands and furniture for a worldwide audience.”

This time, they’ve tried their hands at making houses, too and the result is nothing short of brilliant – a durable house that can be installed in a single day.

Wikkelhouse, or “wrapping house” in Dutch, mainly uses large rolls of cardboard box as its material.

cardboard house 1

Source: Wikkelhouse

Wikkelhouse, which translates to “wrapping house” in Dutch, is built using a massive machine and utilizes big rolls of recycled cardboard. The machine coats the cardboard with adhesive and then wraps it around a sturdy frame for 24 times, ensuring that it is in the right shape and is very sturdy. After erecting the house, designers will make it waterproof and add gorgeous wood paneling to the exterior. Once completed, the cabin-like structure is expected to last for up to 100 years.

The company says the Wikkelhouse is portable and fully customizable.

cardboard house 2

Source: Wikkelhouse
The design can be tweaked according to the buyer’s preferences.

cardboard house 4

Source: Wikkelhouse

According to its makers, the Wikkelhouse is actually “fully customizable and the design can be tweaked to suit your preferences.”

The makers also say the “eco-friendly residence” can last up to 100 years.

cardboard house 3

Source: Wikkelhouse

The official website further tells us:

“If you want a larger house, for example, the designers can create it by simply adding more sections to the overall frame. Since no good home would be complete without a kitchen or bathroom, Wikklehouse can also include them to create the perfect eco-friendly residence.”

Watch the featured video here and learn more:

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Well color me impressed! If you want to check out additional details about the Wikkelhouse, go head over to their site.

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Would You Believe that These Veneers are Made from Banana Trunks?

We all know that wood isn't unlimited, and yet we need it for almost every aspect in our daily lives - from the chairs you sit on to the walls in your home down to the paper you use to scribble your thoughts. For aesthetic purposes, trees are also cut down to create attractive veneers for walls and furniture. But for every tree we cut down, it could take months to years for a new one planted in its place to grow to the same size!

Luckily, French company FIBandCo has found a new resource for getting its wood - banana plant trunks! As you may know, banana trees don't require much effort to grow, as long as the soil is fertile and there's a lot of moisture.

FIBandCo's Green Blade is a new exotic veneer made from banana plant trunks, which is a cleaner alternative to using conventional wood. They chose the banana plant trunk because it's not technically a tree but a grass. There's less risk of deforestation as banana plants are rapidly renewable and they grow to full size every 9 months.

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Woman Told To Cut Down Century-Old Tree On Her Property Turns it Into Work of Art Instead

…and something the whole neighborhood could visit and enjoy.

Sara Sanders owns a 110-year-old cedar on her property in Everett, Washington. When the tree proved to be a road hazard, with falling limbs causing road blockages, city officials told her to cut it down.

Heartbroken, Sara was all ready to say goodbye to the 120-foot-tall century-old tree when she had an idea. Contacting chainsaw artist, Larry Carter, they worked together to transform the iconic tree into a thing of beauty.

Sara Sanders was told to cut this beautiful cedar down.

tree 1

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15 Genius Kitchen Hacks That Will Help You Save A Lot Of Time And Money

With these simple kitchen hacks, you can make your food last longer and enjoy them fresher.

Buying groceries for the whole week at once can save you a lot of time, but is it really economical? Tomatoes, vegetables, and other fresh goods easily rot when not consumed immediately.

Instead of saving, these will just go to waste – wasted food, wasted money. And so, to save a lot of money, we are going to enlist kitchen hacks that will help you store your fresh goods longer and fresher.

1. Know which food will rot in the refrigerator quickly.


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