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This Wicked But Funny Magic Trick Prank Ruses People To Make a Fool Out of Themselves!





Ever met a street magician?

I haven’t either and I think that it’d be cool to meet one, but I’m wishing on my lucky stars not to encounter this wickedly creative teenager on my walk downtown.

You see, he tricks people into thinking that he’ll be performing a magic trick (Hmm, trickception?). He instructs his “victims” to have their eyes closed for a full minute while they weave their heads in a figure eight motion around the teen’s outstretched hands. All the while, the poor and unsuspecting citizens believed that they were in for a magical treat. True enough, they got the surprise that they wanted, but not the one that they expected!

Watch the video:

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Though this prank is relatively harmless, the odd looks that you’ll get from people once you open your eyes and blink back to reality should be enough to make you cringe in embarrassment!

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