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When Even Fish Are Jerks, Sent to Make Your Life Miserable





Rifts and arguments are inevitable occurrences in human existence. When people come together in one place, conflicts can definitely arise. Of course, it’s best if we all live together happily and harmoniously, but there are times when some people just would not make this possible, particularly if they just choose to be plain jerks.

The thing is, conflicts aren’t limited to humans. Apparently, animals piss off each other, too, which also means that some animals are jerks, too. Take this particular fish for example.

In a viral video uploaded by a Facebook user named Dawn Oliphant-Dababneh, we’ll see a fish peacefully creating a burrow underneath a rock. Obviously, the fish wanted to build a shelter. Then, another fish comes in and does the unthinkable. The video, which was taken at Seaside Tropical Fish in California, is already funny as it is, but the captions that were added just made the scenario a whole lot more hilarious!

Watch the video:

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Really, that white fish just had nothing better to do!

Meanwhile, in a similar scenario, the seemingly same type of fish (yes, that white fish in the first video) experienced a taste of karma. It was its turn to dig a burrow when a sly starfish came and decided to do something unexpected and annoying. However, you will see that this steadfast fish just won’t be bullied. In fact, it handled the situation like a boss.

Watch the video below and see what the fish did to the starfish:

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Now, do you understand what we mean when we say that animals can be enormous jerks, too? And, hey, we are sure that this tiny badass fish reminded you of someone you know so make sure to tag them in this post!

We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did, though!

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