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15 Weird Town Names In America

No. 8 is hilarious!

Every town name is unique in its own way and is given based on different reasons. A town can be named from a person, inspired by mythology, or by fauna and flora species. Most of the time, these towns have sophisticated names that have a wonderful ring to it.

In some towns in the U.S., however, the names can get really weird, you’d have to wonder why they were ever named that way. Town names can also have an influence on tourism, but, apparently, these towns don’t seem to care if they’d be cashing in on tourists or not. Here are places in America that might consider changing their strange names.

#1. Dismal, Tennessee

Would you live or move to a town that has a depressing name as Dismal? It’s an actual location and you have to wonder how people are doing there.

#2. Hell, Michigan

It’s like telling someone “go to Hell,” and then realizing that Hell is actually a place in Michigan that anyone can go to. You also have to wonder why in the world would someone name a town Hell.

#3. Boring, Oregon City

Make your trip interesting by going to Boring! This town has a population of 7,762 residents, based in the 2010 census. But Boring, Oregon is not the only unusual town name with that meaning. There’s also Dull in Perthshire, Scotland and Bland in New South Wales, Australia.

#4. Why, Arizona

If you have so many “why” questions in life, Why, Arizona would be a good place to visit.

#5. Whynot, Mississippi

The perfect pair for Why, Arizona!

#6. Deadhorse, Alaska

When you think of the name, you can’t help but also think about the smell of this place. Would you consider moving in to a town with this unusual name?

#7. Peculiar, Missouri

If you have a penchant for all things peculiar, this town in Missouri is worth visiting.

#8. Boogertown, North Carolina

Hilarious name for a town – but it’s not officially a town. It’s just a populated area. Nevertheless, it’s still funny to think if you live in a place called Boogertown.

#9. Burnt Corn, Alabama

It makes you think of burnt popcorn in a microwave oven and its smell.

#10. Fleatown, Ohio

Let’s hope this town is not infested with fleas.

#11. Cheesequake, New Jersey

What on earth is a cheesequake? One can’t help but envision an avalanche of sweet treats. In that case, it could be heaven!

#12. Hooker, Oklahoma

Named after John “Hooker” Threlkeld, a local ox ranch foreman, this city in Texas County, Oklahoma definitely has an interesting name that might entice tourists to visit.

#13. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

If there’s Hooker, there’s Intercourse. It gets more interesting.

#14. Looneyville, Texas

The town is said to be named after John Looney, a storekeeper who was in charge of the town’s mail.

#15. No Name, CO

And when you can’t think of an unusual name for a town, you give it this name. People may have lacked the creativity to come up with a name, but you can’t deny it — No Name is actually catchy.


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