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Hilarious Comic Shows Expectation VS Reality of Wedding Nights





Most of us think of the wedding night as a romantic moment between a husband and a wife. After the ceremony and the celebration, the couple finally gets to spend their much-awaited private time and spend their first night together as newly-weds.

But are wedding nights really all about romance and roses? Not exactly, according to a funny post by College Humor! In an “expectation vs reality” comic done by writer Andrew Bridgman and artist Andy Kluthe, we see that’s not always the case.

Married folks can probably relate with some, if not all, of these strips below. While a few of the scenarios may have been a bit exaggerated (who loses their wedding ring on the first night, right?), most are filled with harsh reality that couples will probably laugh along and relate at the same time.

Go check them out below and see for yourself:


Admit it: you barely made it out of your reception alive, too! It’s definitely not as glamorous as Hollywood movies show it to be.


Big mistake indeed! For couples planning to tie the knot in the near future, take note of this.


Yes, wedding gowns and leather shoes are not comfortable to wear – especially if you need to keep them on the whole day!


Can anyone be too tired for intimate time? Believe it or not, it does happen! Hunger and fatigue can surely change a couple’s first night priorities.


We all know the feeling: pizza can really make you forget about everything.


“What the hell did we spend all that money for?” is the most real question a newly-wed couple can ever ask!

For more funny expectation vs reality comics, go head over to the CollegeHumor website.

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