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Scientists Discover Wasp Venom as Potential Cure for Cancer





If you think wasps cause nothing but pain and suffering, think again.

New research findings recently published in the Biophysical Journal showed that the venom of wasp species Polybia paulista can target cancerous cells and attack its cell membrane, ultimately leading to cell death. The antimicrobial peptide aptly known as Polybia-MP1 which was extracted from the venom of Polybia paulista was found to inhibit numerous types of cancerous cells. It has also been found that the venom is selective in the sense that it doesn’t target noncancerous cells! How awesome is that? And to further add to its badassery, the venom also exhibited bactericidal activities against bacteria. Take that, cancer!

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Scientists are currently exploring the possibility of using the venom in developing novel chemotherapy regimens in the future. Meanwhile, it would be best for us not to go and kill off the wasps hovering around during our picnics, now that we know that they’re the dark horse in cancer research.


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