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14-Year-Old Model Dies After Exhausting 12-Hour Fashion Show

She called her mom, complaining she’s “so tired” and “want to sleep” so much.


Remember that article we posted about Japanese reporter Miwa Sado who died from overwork? Well it appears we’ve got another casualty this time and, tragically, it’s a girl merely 14 years of age.

As the online reports tell us, Vlada Dzyuba recently passed away in Shanghai, China after an exhausting 12-hour fashion show. The model suddenly collapsed backstage, fell into a coma for 2 days, and then died.

14-year-old model Vlada Dzyuba of Perm, Russia apparently died from working too much.

Source: Vlada Dzyuba

“The preliminary cause of death,” according to Unilad, “is meningitis compounded by severe exhaustion.”

Vlada said she was feeling “so tired” and “want to sleep” so much.

Source: Vlada Dzyuba

Oksana, the mother of Vlada, said she wasn’t with her daughter when the incident happened. She, however, stayed in touch with her throughout the said fashion show.

Oksana shared:

“She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep. It must have been the very beginning of the illness… and then her temperature shot up.

“I didn’t sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to hospital.”

Unfortunately, Vlada didn’t go to the hospital when she was already feeling bad because she didn’t have her own medical insurance. She was only signed up for a three-month contract with a Chinese modeling agency.

Many are saying Vlada is too young to be working as a model.

Source: Vlada Dzyuba

In most cases, modeling agencies would likely consider Vlada to be working in the industry. However, modeling is a job that often requires the combination of beauty, youth, and thinness and so younger models have become very much in-demand.

Aside from death by overwork, several reports have likewise surfaced about different problems among models such as eating disorders, drug addictions, and others.

Long working hours can really take its toll on one’s body. If you have the tendency to work too hard, let these stories warn you about the dangers of doing that.


MMA Fighter Cut 16 Pounds in Just 2 Days, Looked Terrible During Weigh-In

It was a miracle he didn’t die right then and there.

Just like boxers, MMA fighters have to maintain a certain weight before they can get approved for a bout. The weight will depend on the division or weight class they want to fight in. A fighter can bulk up or shed some pounds. It's the latter that's harder especially if you're meeting a deadline - which is usually the weigh-ins.

Cutting weight has become a norm for fighters but there is a proper way to do it. It's not recommended to lose a lot of weight in such a short period of time as it can actually be risky.

When it comes to dangerous weight cutting, Brazilian-Australian Daniel Lima takes the cake for having lost 16 pounds in just 2 days. Any fighter will totally feel terrible after such a massive weight loss and it definitely showed during the weigh-in for his fight with Daichi Kitakata several weeks ago.

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Hilarious Video Shows Cat Freaking Out When He Realized He Had Just Been Neutered!

That expression is just priceless!

There are lots of reasons why cats rule the internet. They are cute, funny, and they are one of the most expressive animals on the planet. Whatever mood they are in, whether they are happy, pissed, or just indifferent, they are just too adorable and begging to be captured on video. This video of a cat in China realizing his balls are missing is simply one of the best cat videos ever!

See, the cat, an American shorthair, was busy cleaning himself, licking his fur all over and being cute while he was at it. When he got to his groin area, he realized that something was missing, as the spot where his balls used to be is now just a flat surface.

It was flat because he had just been neutered.

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Woman’s Severe Headaches Turn Out To Be A Spider Living Inside Her Ear

For anyone who suffers from arachnophobia, this might just traumatize you.

A woman named Lekshmi L had been suffering severe headaches for a very long time. She tried all sorts of medicines, but all failed to relieve her from the pain. She was eventually rushed to the hospital, as she could no longer bear it. Surprisingly, the doctor found out that there was a spider living in her ear.

Lekshmi, who hails from India, was taken to a local hospital in Hebbal after complaining about her severe headaches. According to her, the problem began after she slept on her veranda. Upon inspection, her doctor saw an eight-legged spider heavily burrowed insider one of her ear holes.

Even the doctor was surprised upon knowing the root-cause of her headache.

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