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Viral Photo Captures Young Boy Volunteering To Carry Elderly Man’s Bag For Him





Kids often say the most amusing and interesting things that make us laugh out loud. However, there are also moments when they say something that makes our hearts all warm and fuzzy.

Just like this amazing young man, for example. His kindness inspired one Facebook user to share his story on the popular social media platform and has quickly racked up thousands of shares.

Emma Cope wrote:

“As I was getting out my car today In Kingstanding, I heard this little boy say to this old man, “Can I help you carry your bag?’ to the man’s delight he said “oh yes please..’ The old man walked slow and the little boy walked beside him and carried his bag!! The parents of this young man should be so proud as you have obviously brought up a polite and caring young lad!”

Emma was so impressed with the young boy that she encouraged everyone who saw her post to share the incredible story. “Please share this to show that kindness is still out there!!” she said.

Commenters had nothing but great things to say about the boy. “Fine young man you made your parents proud today. Thank you,” one wrote. “We need many more young people like this. It starts with parents teaching respect,” another one shared.

What makes this story even more special is the fact that the young boy had no idea that someone witnessed what he did. It seems that helping other people is just a part of his character, and he didn’t need an audience to prove that he’s a good person.

This boy’s small act of kindness has touched the hearts of many on social media. Emma’s post has reached tens of thousands of likes and shares from netizens across the globe.

If an Impressive Award exists, this young man gets it hands down, no questions asked.

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