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20 Vintage Photos Show Us What Life Was Like Back In the 1950s





Although most photos during the 1950s were in black and white, there are a few colored pictures that came from the era. At the time, full color images were costly and so not many were able to afford it.

Today, we get the chance to see some of those photos in one place – thanks to the efforts of Russian-born New Yorker Denis Fraevich. He considers it as a hobby and as we learn from a Bored Panda feature, it took him a lot of work before he got hold of the images below.

He told the site in an interview:

“The pictures were found at auctions, flea markets and yards, digitized and posted on the Internet.

“Someone’s happy life, someone’s dreams, important events, holidays and travel, for some reason were thrown into the garbage and became penny goods in a neighborhood sale. Seeing this is incredibly sad, but thanks to enthusiasts who buy and digitize old slides, we can raise the curtain of time and look at that era through the eyes of ordinary Americans.”

Check out the images here:

#1. Yes, there was such a thing as 'Colored Entrance' back in the days (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#2. Two ladies in red spotted in New York City (1958)

#3. "My Very Cool Grandpa In The 1950s Holding A Fish, Smoking A Cigarette, With A Book Tucked Into His Pants And Cigarette Pack In His Sleeve" (1950s)

#4. Drinking the night away (1950s)

#5. "My Grandma Had Such A Gorgeous Smile." (1950's)

#6. Hot Foot Teddy – the inspiration for Smokey the Bear (1950)

#7. A day in Daytona Beach (1957)

#8. Actor James Dean with his Silver Porsche 550 Spyder, just hours before his tragic accident. (1955)

#9. Mobile store front, Alabama (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#10. Girl and grandmother window-shopping in Alabama (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#11. Anne St. Marie in New York City (1959)

Source: unknown
#12. An elderly couple in Alabama (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#13. San Francisco (1957)

Source: unknown
#14. Young girls in Shady Grove, Alabama (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#15. Lady in red (1956)

Source: unknown
#16. Showgirls relaxing backstage at New York's Latin Quarter Nightclub (1958)

Source: Gordon Parks
#17. "Outside Looking In," Alabama (1956)

Source: Gordon Parks
#18. "A Slightly Surrealistic Photo Of My Grandma And Some Dude Somewhere In Florida" (1957)

Source: Reddit
#19. Chicago kids (1953)

Source: unknown
#20. This was how baby car seats looked like back then. (1950s)

Source: unknown

Denis also mentioned about his fascination about American history – particularly those classic cars.

He shared:

“I am amazed at how often a car is present in the frame.

“They obviously occupied a much more important position in the life of an American than in our time. Today, it is much less likely that someone would take pictures of their car or television.”

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