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Wuhan Lady Intentionally Spits on Doorknob Where 30 People Are Infected




  • A woman in Wuhan, China has been caught on camera deliberately spitting on a door handle.
  • According to reports, 30 other people have already been infected by the coronavirus in the residence.
  • The incident is now under investigation by the authorities.

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-2019) infecting thousands in China every day and with scientists still currently working on a cure, people are trying to exercise great caution so as not to acquire the dreaded disease. Euthorities and experts continue to remind the public about the importance of observing cleanliness, practicing good hand hygiene, and wearing masks in public places.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that there are still a lot of inconsiderate individuals who are blatantly disregarding – even violating – safety precautions and putting others at great risks.

Case in point, this woman in Wuhan has sparked outrage on the internet for spitting on a door knob.

As seen in the CCTV footage below, this unnamed woman has been spotted intentionally spitting on a door knob. She can also be seen carefully moving around the area to check if any person has witnessed what she did.

To make matters worse, several individuals in the residence have already been infected by coronavirus.

In a report posted by SinChewDaily, we learn that there are over 30 confirmed cases of coronavirus there, with 90 cases showing symptoms of fever. Many have been placed under isolation in their units to prevent further spread of the potentially-lethal illness.

The good news is that the woman’s disgusting deed has since been reported by a local resident to the authorities. Cops immediately came to conduct investigations and inspections in the area while wearing protective gear.

After reviewing the controversial clip, the community administrator later confirmed the incident but said that they still have yet to verify whether the woman is infected by the coronavirus or not.

Watch the video here:

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