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Video Shows Divers Barely Escaping a Great White Shark Attack





Known as the “ferocious man eater”, the great white shark is known to be responsible for causing the greatest number of reported deadly and unprovoked shark attacks on humans. In fact,  great white sharks became widely popular as a large oceanic predator in the Steven Spielberg movie “Jaws”.

A pair of very brave divers decided to swim with a 2-ton 15 foot great shark named CC or Cut Caudal. Using a bait, the crew lured the shark near the diver’s area. Protecting them from the ultimate predator was a metal safety cage which the shark managed to actually break through. The shark’s entire head was already inside the cage and the only thing that stopped the shark from completely getting into it was its pectoral fins!

Fortunately, the divers were able to escape danger unharmed. Thanks to their great listening skills during the safety briefing, these divers were able to follow instructions and immediately evacuated the cage. Talk about cheating death!

The terrifying moment of attack that occurred several years ago was filmed by one of the divers named Patrick Walsh.

Watch the terrifying moment of shark attack.

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