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Vegan Bride Bans Family And Friends Who Eat Meat From Her Wedding

You wouldn’t believe what she calls her non-vegan family and friends!






One woman has been branded “ridiculous” after revealing she has banned all of her meat-eating friends and family from joining in her wedding celebrations. The Australian bride took to a vegan Facebook group to share her plans, and netizens couldn’t believe what they were reading.

Her goal for posting her idea was to get support from the social media vegan group. However, she got a rude awakening when her fellow meat-free members slammed her for the controversial decision.

The bride wrote:

“When your ‘family’ tries to guilt trip you into letting them come to your fully vegan wedding, even though they’re omnivores.

Just for some context, some family members were told they are not invited to my wedding because we don’t want to host murd*rers. Our wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives.”

She continued that these people have attacked her and her partner’s vegan lifestyle, so she didn’t want to be “buddy buddy” with them on her wedding day.  The bride then added that  “I don’t want the weight of having people that still kill animals (the very beings we are trying to protect) at my wedding on my conscience.”

While members of the vegan group appreciated the fact that the bride had an all-vegan menu, they thought she was being harsh towards her family and friends.

Some of the comments read:

“As a vegan, this is messed up, … you can’t go around calling your family murd*rers!”

“She is out of her mind. I’d be happy to cut her off of my life if I were the family.”

“I totally understand serving vegan food exclusively, that makes sense … but banning people and calling them murd*rers is just ridiculous.”

Unsurprisingly, the bride wasn’t too happy with the comments, saying that she expected that they would understand her side. She then noted that she is not sorry if people think she’s “rude” or a “b*tch* because she’s just following what she feels is right.

Things became even more intense when a family member stumbled across the post and responded that she just got uninvited to the wedding, where she supposed to be a bridesmaid, just because she eats meat.

After receing a lot of hate, the bride eventually deleted her post.

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Mom Hits Teen Daughter With Flip-Flop From Impossibly Long Distance

That was a remarkable throw!




Not all people can throw objects really long and precise. One particular mom, however, realized that having this capability could be handy.

A video showing a mother’s incredible aim to strike her fleeing daughter with her sandal from an impossible distance has gone viral for all the right reasons. The hilarious footage shows an angry mother refusing to race after her daughter who ran down a street. Instead, she picked up her flip-flop and did an NFL-worthy throw to stop the teen in her tracks.

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50 Fashion Fails Turned Into Hilarious Memes

Who could forget #36?




When Heidi Klum said “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out” in “Project Runway,” it wasn’t just a cute catchphrase, it was the truth. Fashion is very tricky. What you thought was super cool in the past may look strange and bizarre in the present.

However, there are trends that we couldn’t believe fashion designers, celebrities, social media stars, and influencers expect us to like. Some are silly, others are confusing, and most of them are simply ridiculous. Thankfully, the internet transformed these disasters into our little entertainment. Here are 50 fashion fails turned into memes.

1. When you realized you have too many jackets and just one body.

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Lost Dog Comes Home With Two Furry Friends, Another Dog And A GOAT

It’s a real-life ‘Homeward Bound’, but with a GOAT!

Nobelle Borines



All reunions are heartwarming affairs. However, a lost dog also made his owner laugh out loud when he was finally found six miles from home. As it turned out, the adventurous pooch had made two new friends while he was away. Interestingly, his furry companions were another dog and an adorable goat.

Bo is a black Labrador that belongs to Kyle and Laura Krier of Concordia, Kansas. One day, his owners let him out to relieve himself but Bo didn't return later that night. Naturally, Kyle and Laura were concerned for the pup and frantically tried to find him. Unfortunately, the dog was nowhere to be found. That was until Laura received a call about a black Lab being spotted close to the highway six miles away.

Bo went missing for an entire night but his owners had no idea he took some friends on an adventure.

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