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Vegan Activists Tape Their Mouths, Block Meat Buyers In Supermarket





Over the years, vegan activists have built a reputation not only for opposing the consumption of meat products but also for their outrageous ways of protesting. Case in point, a group of vegans recently made headlines after forming a human barricade to block the meat section of a supermarket in Hamilton, New Zealand – and they did it with tapes plastered on their mouths.

According to reports, the vegans, who were all wearing black, staged what they called a ‘silent protest’ in the store as they held signs and handed out flowers to the customers.

Protest organizer Anna Rippon posted a video on YouTube and wrote a caption that said:

“We are here to peacefully mourn for the victims of the ‘meat trade’ that lay resting in the chiller department of this supermarket.”

Rippon likewise added:

“We could not stop them from being born to be slaughtered and eaten so now we are here to pay our respects in the only place that we have access to their dead bodies.”

Supermarket buyers had mixed reactions about the stunt, with some of them receiving the flowers while others just completely paid the protesters no attention and still purchased meat items.

Meanwhile, staff at the supermarket can be heard threatening that they will call the cops if the activists do not leave the area. Rippon also confessed that the group have not obtained permission to hold a protest at the said supermarket.

The protesters eventually left the store as they sang “give life a chance” together.

You can watch the video here:

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Browsing through the comments on YouTube, it’s definitely clear how the group gets a lot of mocking for what they did.

One commenter wrote:

“They should ask the lion in Africa what he thinks about it.”

Another pointed out:

“This protest will only drive meat eaters to think non-meat eaters are crazy and mentally unstable. Diet is a personal choice. Protesting is not an effective means of education”

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