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Unseen Video of Miss Universe 2015. Ms. Philippines Snobbed and Shunned Away!

More Controversies surrounf Miss Universe 2015: Miss Philippines shunned by fellow contestants, and Ms. Germany saying ” I am not happy with the results. None of us voted for Philippines”


The controversies surrounding the recently concluded Miss Universe 2015 last Sunday in Las Vegas has not yet died down. The pageant host, Steve Harvey already issued multiple Facebook posts and tweets online apologizing to everybody for the mix up in announcing the results. However, those apologies don’t seem enough as relationships between the girls have been tarnished.

After the incident, netizens had varying reactions some of which took to humor and jokes such as creating memes pertaining to the event. Others were joyous that their bet Ms. Philippines actually won the crown, while others expressed unhappiness over the mix-up. Such is the case in this footage taken by Missosology, a Facebook page dedicated to pageantries.

Watch how the other contestants ignored Ms. Philippines Pia Wurtzbach

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In the video, it can be seen that Ms. Philippines tried to approach Ms. Colombia who was surrounded by her friends. When she came nearer, some of the contestants snobbed her and shook their head in disapproval such as Ms. Venezuela and Ms. Montenegro. If listened closely, it can be heard that some of the girls even told her “Philippines, just step back please” and ushered her away.

It is to be expected that Ms.Colombia’s friends would offer her sympathies and console her for the turn of events, but perhaps the gesture had been unkind for Ms. Philippines. After all, it was not her fault why Ms. Colombia has to be stripped off the crown. Truly the smallest mistakes have the biggest repercussions. Hopefully everything can be mended and a civil and non-hostile relationship between the girls can be maintained after the incident.

Bonus video: Watch one pageant contestant, Ms. Germany’s opinion regarding the final result.

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Here’s a transcript of the final three’s answers to the determining question, “Why should you become Ms. Universe?”

USA: I should be the next universe because I’m so driven. I want to work to bring equality towards men and women.

Colombia: I’m positive that I should be the 3rd Miss Universe from my country because I have attributes of a Latin woman, a woman from Colombia should have, and a Miss Universe.

Philippines: I will use my voice to raise awareness and shed light in causes like HIV. Show the world that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.

What do you think of the girls’ treatment of each other? Did Ms. Philippines deserve the crown? Share your thoughts and these videos too.


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