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Scientists Discover Unknown Species After Placing a Camera in an Uncharted Seabed





The ocean is a vast space of magnificence waiting to be discovered. While many scientists have already explored the depths of the sea and have presented their studies or theories in big scientific platforms, there are still so many things and animals to be discovered. New species are continuously being found by marine explorers and we think it is exciting to find animals never captured before.

If you have a knack for anything marine-related or is simply stunned by the beauty of the underwater, we are sure that you are going to enjoy the video below. A group of scientists explored an uncharted ecosystem and seabed in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and found many new species that have never been filmed before.

Watch the video here:

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Wow, that was pretty neat! May this video serve as a reminder of how beautiful our world is. We are so blessed to have such wonderful creations all around that we need to take care of our environment as much as we could.

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Credits: Sploid

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