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MMA Fighter Gets Brutally Knocked Out While Trying to Dance in the Middle of Fight





In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are some fighters who mess with their opponents’ minds by trash talking or showing off. For instance, Bellator fighter Michael “Venom” Page is known for sometimes doing dance moves in the middle of a fight.

Perhaps, Page inspired another MMA fighter to try to bust out dance moves while fighting inside the octagon. Sure, it’s fun to watch but frankly, it’s not necessarily advisable for fighters to engage in such a behavior in the middle of a match.

Joe Harding (left) and Johan Segas (right)

Amateur UK fighter Joe “Nitro” Harding faced off against amateur French fighter Johan “The Silencer” Segas during the 18th installment of British Challenge MMA held at the Colchester Charter Hall in the town of Colchester in Essex, England. Their match-up was an interim featherweight title fight.

In the third and last round of their fight, it looked like Harding decided to do some dance moves to irk Segas. Sports analysts perceived this as his way of messing with Segas’ head. Other critics later realized that Harding had been trying to imitate the late boxing great Muhammad Ali’s iconic shuffle.

Unfortunately, Harding is not Muhammad Ali.

His stunt didn’t end well for him — and his brutal defeat is caught on the video that has now gone viral.

Watch the video of Joe Harding’s humiliating defeat.

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It’s worth noting that many other athletes in contact sports engage in showboating. We get it. They want to entertain the crowds. However, if showboating gets in the way of their performance, they only end up looking monumentally stupid.

In light of what happened to him, Harding still refused to accept defeat. He went as far as to go on Twitter to imply that Segas was “cheating.” Harding’s fans likewise alleged that Segas was on steroids — even if a pre-fight medical exam showed that he wasn’t. Netizens were quick to point out that Harding was acting like a jerk.

After his defeat, Joe Harding spread his bitterness on Twitter.

This only makes Harding even more of a loser. He’s clearly a champ when it comes to making up stories to justify his own idiotic moves. For the record, Harding’s brutal defeat brought down his record to 8 wins and 3 losses. Meanwhile, Segas is now at 2 wins and 0 losses.

No matter what he says, this image will forever haunt Joe Harding.

It remains to be seen if Harding will ever be humble or admit to the fact that what he did was just plain crazy. Often, people like him never learn. They keep doing the same dance, so to speak.

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