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Man Wins ONE DOLLAR On Lottery, Asks To Get Paid With A Giant Check

“I told them I’d like one of those big ceremonial checks as payment… They all thought it was really funny.”


This man may have only won a dollar from lottery but that definitely didn’t prevent him from celebrating in a big way. As they always say, it’s all a matter of perspective!

Meet Tyler Heep, a man from Urbandale, Iowa who found out he won a dollar on a lottery scratch-off. Despite the minimal amount of his prize, he bravely went to the lottery headquarters in Des Moines with one request – he wanted to get paid with a huge check, exactly like those ones handed over to jackpot winners.

Tyler later shared on a Facebook post:

“I told them I’d like one of those big ceremonial checks as payment. I figured it would be worth a shot and they all thought it was really funny. I’m surprised nobody else has done this before.”

Interestingly, lottery officials granted his request and gave Tyler a novelty check as he cashed in his winning.

He said in an NBC interview:

“They decided to treat me just like a million dollar winner.

“The guy came down the stairs and they took me into the back room where the camera was with the Iowa Lottery logo.
“Sure enough they wrote me the one dollar check and had me hold it up and took the picture.”

Of course, photos were taken during the occasion and netizens couldn’t help but be amused. Tyler’s story has since gone viral on social media and picked up by various news sources.

Local framing business Benjamin’s Custom Framing and Fine Art has also volunteered to frame Tyler’s check for free so he can display it at home.

Watch the video here:

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And how did Tyler spend his prize money, you ask? Well according to him he used it to purchase “half of a gallon of gas.”

So uh, congratulations are in order, I guess?


Clever Dog Learns to Buy Treats With Leaves As Money After Observing Students

This dog knows how to buy his own food!

Dogs can be very smart and in many cases, they learn best by observing us, humans. This has recently been proven again by a clever dog who learned to buy treats and paying them using leaves as money.

It's adorable and impressive at the same time but yes, that's what recently happened and people can't get enough of this black pup. According to reports, the cute incident happened at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia and the animal, who's been adopted by staff members, roams around the school yard.

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18 Animals Who Can Imitate Their Humans So Well

#16 is too funny!

It is a common belief that pets and owners tend to resemble one another. In fact, most of these adorable animals and their humans do not only look so much alike that would make you do a double take, but they can also even do the same expressions!

Well, what better way to capture these moments than the human taking a selfie with their beloved pets, right? Here are 18 snaps of animals who can imitate their owners so well.

1. Who did it better?
2. The cones of shame.

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Man Screaming at Spider Sparks Full Police Response

When your greatest fear almost lands you in jail and made you internet famous.

Imagine passing a house one morning and hearing a toddler screaming, followed by a man repeatedly shouting “Why won’t you die?”

What would you do? You’d be calling the cops in an instant, right?

That’s exactly what a concerned passerby did when they heard the said commotion while walking outside a house in the suburbs of Perth, Australia. However, when the police arrived, they found out that the man in question was not committing a sinister crime, but instead, trying to kill a spider.

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