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Watch What Happens When Two Grannies Drive a Lamborghini





Almost everyone stops and stares whenever beautiful, luxury cars drive by. Their sleek designs and powerful engines never fail to get people’s attention, even of those who are non-car enthusiasts.

Such automobiles are an object of envy. Men, in particular, wish to own one because it makes them feel young, strong, free, and powerful.

The Lamborghini is one of the fastest, most expensive cars in the world. It’s a symbol of fame and fortune; a vehicle that only celebrities and extremely wealthy individuals can afford.

This car has always been a head turner; however, that’s not the only reason why the people in this video couldn’t help but look at the vehicle.

The car was being driven by two grandmas—Peggy and Audrey.

The two silver-haired women were given the keys to a 650hp, black Lamborghini, and they drove around town to run some errands. They were adorable! From the moment they stepped inside the “Lambo”—as Peggy calls it—the two best buds’ awe and excitement were contagious.

They cracked jokes, teased onlookers, and Peggy even encouraged Audrey to flirt, especially with an old chap who asked, “You got room for me?”

These grannies are truly delightful to watch!

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