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Two Strangers Played Piano in Perfect Sync in a Paris Train Station





Playing one perfect composition in the piano takes a lot of practice already. But what if you mix up two original tunes and have strangers who have never met, play the mash-up? Sounds pretty chaotic right? But these two Parisian gentlemen did just that, and the result was absolute perfection!

The video was taken by an onlooker in a Paris station. Being the culture capital of the world, most train stations in Paris have what they call “a vous de jouer” pianos, or “it’s your turn to play” pianos. These provide entertainment in the stations. It also enables passengers to share their musical gifts to everyone while passing time.

Watch two strangers play their original composition together in this awesome video

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The two gentlemen have really good musical ears and a talent for music. They were able to complement each other’s tunes beautifully. It’s as if they have practiced the pieces together all their life. After playing together, the two gentlemen greeted each other and walked off. Sometimes the most beautiful of things really just come together spontaneously.

I hope other countries pick up on this tradition of installing instruments in waiting spaces. Who knows, playing music together may be the way two strangers can become lovers too right?

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