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Two Boys Were Just Hanging Out At A Local Pool. What They Discovered Changed Their Lives Forever!





Isaac Pettet-Nolting, 12, had no idea he was adopted until he met a 13-year-old kid named Dakotah Zimmer while swimming at a local pool in Washington, Mo.

Nolting and Zimmer instantly cliqued at the pool and their striking similarities in physical appearance and mannerisms were noticed by their friends.

This drove Zimmer to reveal that he has a younger brother he had never met who was sent for adoption as an infant more than 10 years ago.

That night, Nolting asked his mother Dawn if he was indeed adopted. It was the perfect timing for the 42-year-old manager at a dry cleaning company to finally tell Nolting the truth.

Watch the video:

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Source: Reshareworthy

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