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Father Asked His Twins To Recite The Lord’s Prayer and It’s Extremely Adorable!

I’ve never heard it done better. Very cute.


Having one child entails a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but having twins doubles the effort. However, this also means twice the fun and fulfillment! In fact, there are lots of parents who wish to have twins so that their kids could have someone of the same age group to play with. In addition, this could also mean a one-time, big-time daycare program in the home.

Twins have special bond between them that no one else could ever have. More than siblings, they have a strong connection that makes them feel like they are one. I guess this is the reason why it’s always fun to watch and hear stories about them on the web.

In this video, a pair of twin girls were asked to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Being the preschoolers that they are, the execution is not perfect. I cannot even decipher some words and having two cute girls do it at the same time is crazy fun. It’s hilarious, and I believe these are the very same moments that parents would treasure forever.

Watch the video:

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