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Parents, Warn Your Kids About This Dangerous New Online Challenge




  • The Tripping Jump Challenge (a.k.a. Skullbreaker Challenge) has been making rounds on video-sharing site TikTok and parents are alarmed about it.
  • The seemingly funny prank can actually be dangerous as it can lead to injury or death.
  • One 16-year-old girl in Brazil has died after unknowingly participating in the said challenge.

Every once in a while, we hear about new online challenges that are just plain stupid and harmful. Remember the Tide Pod Challenge? Or the Condom-Snorting Challenge, maybe? Well there’s another one that could potentially cause injuries, if not actual death.

The ‘Tripping Jump Challenge’ (otherwise known as the ‘Skullbreaker Challenge’) has recently been making the rounds on TikTok. And parents are feeling alarmed about it!

As you can see on the video report below, the said challenge is actually a dangerous prank that victimizes and unsuspecting person who stands in the middle of two – and then gets brutally tripped by them as he or she later makes the jump.

What makes this really risky, of course, is that the victim – who has been caught off-guard – will likely fall hard on the ground and experience broken bones. Or even internal bleeding.

Case in point, a teen in Florida, Miami has been badly hurt by fellow students who bullied her into doing the challenge. She was immediately brought to the hospital and was in pain for several days. According to an NBC Miami report, the offending students have been placed under disciplinary action and the family of the victim has decided to transfer her to a different school.

Meanwhile, another case in Brazil ended tragically after Emanuela Medeiros, 16, hit her head on the ground really hard. The poor youngster suffered head trauma and eventually died. The incident happened in Antonio Fagundes Municipal School, said a Correiro Braziliense article.

Watch this report by WBNS 10TV:

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