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Tourist Gets Bitten By Crocodile While Trying To Get A Selfie With It





It seems common sense isn’t very common these days. As you can read on this article’s title, a tourist met an unfortunate accident when she tried to take a selfie with a crocodile – who eventually bit her.

The incident recently happened in Kho Yai National Park in Thailand.

Source: matichon

46-year-old Benetulier Lesuffleur was with her husband and they spotted some crocodiles in the pond.

The French woman then posed for a selfie but unexpectedly fell over next to the crocodile. The croc got startled and things just took an ugly turn from there.

Lesuffleur got bitten on her thigh. She was immediately rushed to a hospital near the area.

Source: matichon
According to Kanchit Srinoppawan, chief of the national park, the woman and her husband ignored the warning signs.

Source: matichon

Moreover, they went outside the allowed trail just to get a picture. Doing so can be very risky as we can see in Lesuffleur’s experience.

Photos shared online by Matichon shows the French tourist being pulled from the water’s edge.

Source: matichon

She also has a bandage on her leg. Fortunately, she is recovering from her injuries and is expected to make a full recovery soon.

However, we hope that people, especially tourists, will learn their lesson from this story. Hopefully, safety will always be a priority and that they do not take any unnecessary risks just for a cool social media photo.

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