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Butcher Trolls Vegans By Making Carrot-Shaped Pork

We’ve all heard about vegan sausages. But have you heard about pork carrots?!

  • Butcher Tom Samways went viral after making a “carnivorous carrot.”
  • The food is his attempt at making fun of vegan products being marketed as “meat.”
  • The pork kebabs, which look like carrots, were a huge hit in his shop.

When expertly done, trolling can be pretty hilarious. Take it from this man who recently went viral on social media for creating a unique ‘vegetable’ for meat lovers.

If you’ve recognized the irony in that, well that’s exactly the point. Tom Samways, a professional butcher, has become an online celebrity of sorts after poking fun at vegans and restaurants marketing vegan products as alternative to meat – by disgusting them as meat.

It looks like carrots – but it’s actually pork!

We’re sure you’ve encountered one of those vegan burgers, vegan sausages, or even vegan chicken. Tom took inspiration from them and so he came up with a strange recipe that’s both brilliant and funny.

In a LadBible feature, Tom explained that he “used pork mince, finished with an orange Italian herb glaze and a parsley top” to create his “carnivorous carrot.”

Although he was merely trying to have fun, the product unexpectedly began to be a big hit in his store. In fact, he sold 300 of these “pork kebabs” in a single day, he said.

According to Tom:

“Everyone loved them. It started out as a bit of a joke, they were just a gimmick – but they have gone down well and we’ll be making more.”

On top of that, the story went viral on social media and so that led to increased exposure for his New Wales-based business, the T Samways High Class Butchers.

Of course, there were also some negative reactions.

“I have had a lot of backlash over it,” admitted Tom, pointing out he got some mean comments. “But at the end of the day, it’s just a joke.”

Tom is also quick to clarify that he has nothing against “vegans or businesses that change their products to suit demand.” His main goal is just to serve his customers.


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