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You’ve Been Breaking Toblerone The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Toblerone lovers, here’s a useful tip for you!


Most people don’t really care how to eat their chocolates because what matters is that it gets inside your mouth and you enjoy the sweet treat. But what if you learn a simple trick on how to easily break off a piece of chocolate – particularly Toblerone? Eating the chocolate would be much more convenient.

Apparently, that trick exists and there’s a way to break off the bars and get a perfect piece of Toblerone triangle. If you didn’t know this yet, a video by Kaitlin Moore demonstrate exactly how to break off a piece the right way.

All your life, you may have been breaking off the chocolate pieces the wrong way by pulling them outward. You have to admit though that it takes more power to get that perfect piece without having your fingers covered in chocolate or accidentally letting the piece fly off and land on the floor.

Those who also don’t have the patience to break off a piece might cause teeth damage by biting on the bar so hard. This simple hack can be life changing and it might blow the minds of Toblerone lovers.

You’ve been eating Toblerone wrong your whole life.

Many people have struggled with breaking off a piece of Toblerone triangle.

Pulling the piece outward is not the solution.

It turns out that you need to break the piece toward the inside.

Remember push towards the bar and not away from the bar.

And you don’t really have to struggle with breaking it because you simply tap the tip of the triangle and voila! You’ll have a perfect Toblerone triangle.

Check out the video below to know how to do it the right way.

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