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Girl Spends Her Childhood as a Real-Life Mowgli from Jungle Book

Just when you thought it can only happen in the movies, we have a real-life Jungle Book Mowgli in Tippi Degre who grew up among the wild animals of Africa.

Kat Lozada





Tippi Degre spent the first thirteen years of her life living like Mowgli from Jungle Book. Now you might think that’s odd but she survived those critical years of her childhood and went on to tell the tale about it. It’s quite interesting and worth-learning from.

One-and-a-half-year-old Tippi drinking her milk among the elephants of Botswana.

Her photographer parents Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre brought their baby girl along with them to their African adventure. They documented her unique growing up years through photos.

Six-year-old Tippi with her cute meerkat friend.

Tippi was born in Windhoek, Namibia back in 1990. Her best friend was a 34-year-old elephant named Abu. Tippi thinks of Abu as her brother. Sylvie and Robert kept a close watch on Tippi while she was growing up. They only let her near animals from farms that take care of orphaned animals and are accustomed to human contact.

Tippi and Abu, her elephant best friend and “brother”.

The locals taught Tippi a lot of cool things. She spent most of her time with the San Bushmen of Namibia. She was very comfortable around different types of wild animals at a very early age. She’s ridden an elephant, had a pet baboon, and even sat with a cheetah!

Tippi chilling with her cheetah friend.

Now an adult, Tippi’s life is chronicled in the book Tippi: My Book of Africa that shows her colorful growing up years in Africa.

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Truck Driver Retrieves Phone from a Thief in the Most Badass Way Possible!

Don’t mess with the man and his phone.




Some of us may have already experienced having been attacked by thieves and have our personal stuff stolen from us. We probably reacted in the safest way possible - hand over our wallets, phones, and other valuable items. We would rather lose those replaceable items than get stabbed or shot, right?

But there are folks who refuse to be the victim and actually do something to get what's taken from them. Most would just go to the police and hope that they catch the thief and retrieve the items.

Not this man.

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Lucky Chinese Guy Survives 25 Years Unknowingly Cracking Nuts With Hand Grenade

For 25 years , he played “Russian Roulette” everyday without any knowledge.




Ignorance is bliss, they say. It could be true at certain situations but not when you're playing with an item that can blow you to bits. Take the case of this man in China, who was using this odd-looking tool to crack walnuts. He's been doing so for 25 YEARS.

Literally putting his life in his hands for 25 years...

Looks harmless, you say? Well he realized it was entirely the opposite when he was handed a safety leaflet by the police in his home province of Ankang in Shaanxi. He found out that the mysterious object he was using was actually a hand grenade. See, the leaflet contained a list of objects that were illegal to possess. He saw one that looks exactly like the one he was using to crack nuts.

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20 Job Problems in the Customer Service Industry That are Annoying But Funny

#6 is pretty useful!




Working in the customer service industry is generally rewarding. Employees get the chance to make or break their customer's current mood, and sometimes, even their whole day. Just imagine having that kind of power!

However, customer service isn't always a bed of roses. There are definitely days when you just want to pull all your hair out of frustration because you've just had enough of that overbearing customer. There are also days when you want to strangle your boss or colleagues because of, well, irreconcilable differences.

But let's admit it. Whatever your job is, whether customer service or general clerical work, and whether it greatly satisfies or annoys the hell out of you, there are moments that when looked back to will definitely make you laugh. We've compiled a few examples; you might want to check them out:

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